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Proyecto Campanario, a multifaceted conservation effort of its founders and supporters, is dedicated to preserving tropical eco-systems, both terrestrial and marine, through protecting a tract of tropical lowland rain forest and its coastal zones in Costa Rica, offering environmental education programs for national and international students of all ages, promoting tropical research and studies, and working with the local communities.


Since Proyecto Campanario's creation in 1990, with the Campanario Biological Station as the central focus, different programs and activities have emerged to put the mission into action.  Proyecto Campanario is engaged in 10 different programs:

  • Protection of a tract of tropical lowland rain forest and its coastal zones in Costa Rica, maintaining the eco-systems with a minimum of human impact.
  • Tropical ecology courses and camps offered to national and international university and secondary school student groups as the "intense field trip" to give first-hand experience in field studies in tropical eco-systems and in living off-the-grid.
  • Service Learning programs permitting students to be involved in world communities, committing to internships, and working hand-in-hand with members of other cultures through the service they perform.
  • Cultural Conservation programs offering learning opportunities and living experiences in various cultures within Costa Rica, ranging from rural farms to Indian Reserves to nationally known historical institutions.
  • Low-Impact living programs demonstrating to students alternatives toward an eco-friendly and more sustainable life style.  This includes a 1-day trip addressing the problems of solid waste.
  • Eco-tourism adventures for visitors, families and inividuals, looking for a vacation with an educational focus.
  • Internship and volunteer programs exchanging work for part of their room and board in the Station and/or in the San Jose office.
  • Research and species inventories in terrestrial and marine eco-systems carried out by national and international investigators and Campanario volunteers.
  • Local community involvement and service projects to support nearby schools, to offer short courses and talks to the local communities, to promote sustainable tourism, and to work with park officials.
  • National involvement through the Costa Rican Network of Private Nature Reserves, which promotes and supports private conservation in Costa Rica and throughout the Central American Isthmus.

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