National Involvement

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The Costa Rican Network of Natural Reserves, founded in 1995, is an organization of private sector landowners who are protecting and managing whatever lands they own which are in a natural or an unaltered state.  The “Network” is comprised of farmers, educational organizations, NGOs, ecotourism operators, families and individuals who have left all or a portion of their lands in their natural state.

The “Network” continually encourages more and more landowners to make the commitment to protect their lands.  It is hoped that by forming an extensive network of biological corridors between one small reserve and the next throughout the country the "Network" will have substantially added to Costa Rica's already famed system of parks and protected areas.  To date there are over 200 members protecting natural areas which could total close to 5% of the area of Costa Rica.

The "Network" also serves as an advocacy group for its members.  Campanario sat on the Board of Directors for six years and continues to be an active member of the “Network”.

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