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Through Service Learning trips, a combination of learning about and contributing in a meaningful way to other cultures and eco-systems, students can exercise the practical applications of their studies and can become active world citizens through the service they perform.

Fortuately more and more schools are placing an emphasis on students becoming involved in world communities, committing to internships, working hand-in-hand with members of other cultures, and generally opening their minds to new ways of thinking. Because human needs are great and so much learning about cultures, eco-systems, and environmental issues takes place, trips of this nature are eye-opening, and stretch the boundaries of the known and comfortable.

Campanario organized its first Service Learning program in 2009, despite the fact that for years Campanario had involved its students in helping local communities with a variety of projects, most notably with rural lending libraries, a new concept for many of the local people. In addition, there had been construction projects, school gardens, cleaning and lots of painting, and, of course, beach clean-ups. Occasional there were opportunities for educational visits to schools, educational programs in Campanario, and tree planting. Click here for more information about Campanario’s Community Connections.

It was not a great leap for Campanario to simply add additional service opportunities to its programs to form a Service Learning Program. There is always work to be done! Given the time permitted for a trip, a combination of cultural awareness, opportunities for service to communities, and reflection and discussion are built into the itinerary. This has been done on many occasions and has been very rewarding, for all concerned.

Contact us for planning, scheduling and budgeting.

Note: Campanario reserves the right to adjust or cancel portions of any itinerary due to bad weather or dangerous sea conditions.

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