Acommodations and Facilities

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Field Station

Campanario offers a large and rugged field station with all the simple comforts of home including a large kitchen and dining hall, screened-in dormitories with bunk beds, tiled bathrooms, clothes washing area, a large front porch, and a great view.  Capacity is for 24 in bunks, more on the floor.

Electricity is generated through solar panels for basic lighting and other essential power needs.  Supplemental lighting is by lantern or candlelight.  The water is potable, coming from natural springs.  For the educator, the field station also has lab tables and classroom area, library, and some basic equipment.



For those folks wanting more individual accommodations, Campanario offers five private cabins on platforms, each with its own "garden" bathroom (Don't worry, there are still showers and toilets, just more open-air than most).  Each cabin can sleep 4 comfortably.  The cabins, only a five-minute walk up the hill behind the field station, are right on the edge of the forest and surrounded by garden.