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Dear Concerned Environmentalist,

I address this to you because you would not be on this web page if you weren't interested in doing something to conserve what is left of the earth's rain forests.  This is not a far-fetched idea to be left only to others.  There is much you personally can do to help.  Each of us in our own life's situation is in a position to contribute in even a small way - maybe financially, but perhaps also with time and effort, and by demonstrating enthusiasm and dedication to Campanario's work.  If not Campanario, then choose an alternate organization - but I ask that you do choose a project and be active!  We all should have the satisfaction of saying, "I made a difference!"

Check this site periodically and be sure to “friend” the Campanario Biological Station on Facebook to see how projects have progressed and what more has been added.  Also check Flickr for updated photos.  I am working on keeping these sites active so you can be active.

Thanks so much for your concern now, and for all that you will be doing in the near future.

Click here to see how you can make a difference.

Yours sincerely,
Nancy Aitken
Proyecto Campanario


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