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A not-for-profit sister organization, called the Proyecto Campanario Association (Asociación Proyecto Campanario, or APC) has been established primarily for conserving lands outside the original Campanario Biological Station.  The APC is engaged in fund raising to acquire those lands in danger of development.  With the help of donations from international foundations, school groups, and concerned private citizens world wide, the protected area of the Osa Peninsula can continue to increase.

There are several tracts of land for sale in the area, some of which are still in rain forest; others are in old pasture and under considerable pressure to be developed.  The APC is working to acquire the funds to purchase and maintain and/or reforest these lands.  This means raising funds for not only the actual land purchase price, but also for a trust fund for the continual protection of the area.

Acquisition of these lands is becoming more and more urgent as the "development" pressures in the area are increasing.  An international airport has now been approved for construction in the Palmar area.  A gravel road and posts and cables for elecricity have now arrived to the beach just north of Campanario.  Let your imagination run where it will!

Real estate companies periodically call our office for information as to what is for sale in the area.  We are guarded in giving out any information without guarantees that the land will be protected.

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