Friends & Supporters

In Great Appreciation . . .


All of us here at Campanario would like to express great appreciation to so many people all over the world who have contributed to the work at Campanario with equipment, art work, computer and engineering expertise, photos for this web site and other projects, and direct financial gifts, even for the original purchase of the property.  Because we’re still collecting names and need your help to identify other contributors, the list below is still not complete.  Please let us know of other people who should be included.  Here are the names of a few of our great friends and supporters (in no particular order):

  • Dr. Robert Steeper
  • Mrs. Lisa Gilpin
  • Mr. David Church
  • Mr. Robert Metke
  • Dr. James Marden
  • Dr. Juan Jose Pucci
  • Mr. Mark Ziman
  • Girl Scout Troop #45479 
  • Mr. Martin Eiblmaier
  • Ms. Kenna Manos
  • Dr. Brian Kuhlman and family
  • Mr. Rodriguez Exilus
  • Mr. Francois Tilquin
  • Ms. Chimene Doffenies
  • Ms. Maria del Carmen Hernandez
  • Dr. Carlos Calvo
  • Dr. Jeff Carpenter
  • Dr. Brian Grafton
  • Kent State University
  • Dr. Dale Utt
  • Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Mr. Robert Quarrey
  • Dr. Jennie Neahring
  • University of Costa Rica
  • Prof. Glenn Dewey
  • Minnesota Zoo
  • Mr. William Brown
  • Prof. Manuel Fallas
  • Sayville High School
  • Mr. Patrick Harmon
  • Mr. Frank Douglas Zadroga
  • Doug and Jeanne Aitken
  • Ms. Susan Aitken
  • Mr. Douglas Maynard Aitken
  • Mr. David Zadroga

And, of course, many students and visitors who have donated school supplies and equipment,
library books, paint, and materials for the San Josecito, Los Planes, Sierpe, and Guaymi schools.