Jungle Living

Redefining “Quality of Life”...


Campanario is a remote rain forest reserve with the field station and cabins wedged in between the forest and ocean.  This means living within a multitude of habitats - a biologist’s dream.  Campanario’s first mission is to conserve the forest and marine ecosystems around us.  Because of this, we see ourselves as visitors to this rain forest and do our best to keep our impact as small as possible. 

Jungle living at the Campanario Biological Station generally requires a change of life style.  The sun rises early, and most everyone is up with the sun, be this for bird watching, for taking a swim at dawn, or for just having coffee on the front porch to watch the splendid colors over the ocean.  Daily schedues are usually quite busy with hikes, explorations, hikes, climbing in and out of trees, hikes, watching leaf cutter ants, hikes, and . . . you get the idea.  There’s so much to see and do!

Naturally, there are relaxing moments such as swimming and snorkeling in the ocean; resting in a hammock; opening and tasting a fresh coconut; reading any of the books from the extensive library, particularly The Lorax (our favorite book); watching the sun set, and/or enjoying a bonfire at program’s end.  There might even be time for playing cards and other games with friends, playing soccer or frisbee on the beach at low tide (The high tide takes the field away!), sketching, painting and writing if you’re so inclined.  Be sure to bring the materials for your interests.

Evenings find us with mini-lectures, night hikes, games, singing, and/or just talking with friends.  Most everyone is in bed and asleep before 9:00pm.  Remember, tomorrow is another busy day!

What better quality of life can anyone hope for?


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