Comfort and Safety

Buddy System, please . . . 


We are concerned for your comfort and safety so that your enjoyment of the rain forest and the area in general is unhampered.  Appropriate clothing, shoes, sun and bug protection are vital.  We will send you a list of things to pack for Campanario.  We provide storage in San José for your "city clothes", should you decide to leave some items there.  We ask that you read the packing list carefully, as the list includes items which are absolutely necessary and items which are not recommended or prohibited.

A first aid kit is maintained at the field station for dealing with minor problems, and there's a cellular phone for critical communication with the outside world.  In addition, a boat is always available in the event of an emergency evacuation.  Because a significant amount of travel time is spent on the water, we do ask that all visitors be able to swim.

Please remember that Campanario is a remote station where good physical condition and a basic awareness of the out-of-doors are important.  If you have a serious medical problem and/or limitation, you should check with your doctor and seriously consider your proposed visit.