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You want to do something special and in a personal way to support the rain forests of the Osa Peninsula - that's good!  You should be happy to know that it is through your donations of time, effort, and funds that Campanario can continue its work and operate the many programs.  We maintain a painfully low administrative overhead, which means your input goes to the current projects.  Here are a few suggestions of how you can support Campanario's efforts to keep the present rain forest in the Osa Peninsula just as it is. 

Here's where you can make a difference!
 And make a difference right now!!

1)  Visit Campanario:
This is first and foremost.  You, your friends, fellow students, office colleagues, should get to know what a rain forest is all about.  Campanario can handle individual visitors or groups up to 44 persons for courses, corporate retreats, family reunions, etc.  Give it some thought.  You'll have a wonderful vacation and learn a great deal in the process.  You'll get muddy, sweaty, wet, tired, but will see things too precious to lose.  Don't just believe this page and web site, come and verify all this for yourself.  We guarantee you'll be inspired!  Click here for planning and reservations.

2)  Donate your time as an intern:
Spending an extended period of time in Campanario will most likely give you a different perspective on your life style.  Click here for information about internships.

3)  Donate materials and equipment:  
There are many needs.  If you are coming for a visit, perhaps you could bring something with you.  Or perhaps you could ship something to an address in the USA where someone coming this way could pick up the item.  Contact us for details about any item on our Wish List.

Wish List:

  • Binoculars
  • Spotting scope.
  • Night vision binoculars
  • Night vision scope
  • Your favorite biology and ecology technical books for the Campanario library.
  • Climbing harnesses, helmets, and gear to get into tree platforms (this equipment will need to be new for safety).
  • Good power tools - because the salt air and humidity have ruined most of what we have.
  • Butterfly nets and mist nets - for capturing and identifying insects and bats.
  • Dissecting microscopes - for continual research.
  • Small portable backpack gasoline powered generator - to use away from usual power sources.
  • Digital movie camera - for filming wildlife.
  • Motion sensitive camera traps to monitor wildlife migrations in the forest
  • Calipers (manual)


  • Forceps, large tweezers
  • Salinity meter
  • Laser sensor for temperature readings
  • Data logger for recording data from sensors (Hobo)
  • Bat ecolocation finder
  • Polasky tool for trail maintenance
  • Infrared flashlights
  • Snake hooks
  • Ultrasonic sound detectors
  • GPS with capabilities of use under the canopy
  • Walkie talkies
  • Hydrophone and recorder for recording underwater sounds, particularly whale calls
  • Submersible cameras for marine photos
  • Laptop computers.
  • Ambient thermometers.


4) Donate your funds:


Our ability to engage in and continue with many of the projects below is a direct reflection of contributions to these efforts, some of which includes the equipment listed above.  Donations may be made by check or direct wire transfer to the Campanario bank account in Costa Rica.  Please e-mail us for the latest instructions for either method.  Let us know how you would like Campanario to use the money.  Please include your contact information and if you would like the donation to remain anonymous.

  • Providing educational resources to the local area school children
  • Subsidizing environmental education trips for local school children
  • Subsidizing tropical research
  • Monitoring migrations of large mammals in buffer zones outside of Corcovado National Park
  • Developing the Osa Trails Project to include neighboring farmers in the protection of the forests
  • Filming wildlife behaviors
  • Expansion of the biologically protected area of the Osa Peninsula

5) Make your life an example of low impact living.  
Click here for At-Home Conservation Tips

Campanario thanks you for your concerns and contributions!


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