Eco-Camp (3-day/night )

Unplugging from “civilization”...


These 3 day/night adventures are for environmentally-minded individuals, families, and groups of friends who are interested in learning about the lowland tropical wet forest and who want to plan their vacations, annual get-togethers, and group retreats at Campanario - far from "civilization".  We are the guests here in the forest and have made every effort to operate with as little impact as possible.  Be prepared to see the forest in its natural state, to get tired and dirty on your hikes, to find wildlife around your cabin or field station, to hear wild noises at any time, and to discover a new and exotic world.  You can spend your days hiking with our naturalist, or you might also choose to go fishing, swimming, and/or snorkeling.  Be sure to plan time for just relaxing on the beach or in a hammock.  Our goal is to have you absorb as many of the sights, sounds, and smells of the rain forest as possible.  Longer stays and additional activities can easily be included. 

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Eco-Camp Typical Schedule

(Longer programs and courses are a bit more academic.)

Day 1:  You travel to Sierpe by plane, public bus, personal vehicle, or other means of your choice, where the boat heading for Campanario meets you for your trip down river, through the mangrove forest, and along the coast to Campanario.  After an orientation talk at the field station and an introductory short hike, you explore the beach, swim or relax in a hammock.  Dinner follows the sunset, and the evening is yours for relaxing.

Day 2:  At sunrise you're off on a birding walk before breakfast, followed by a long hike into the Campanario forests after breakfast, to continue your wildlife observations.  The afternoon can find you playing in the surf, snorkeling, observing the bat cave, and/or just relaxing.  Following dinner you might have a night hike.

Day 3:  Corcovado National Park awaits you.  You hike as long as you'd like, eat your lunch by a stream or waterfall, and return to share stories at Campanario.  You may see some neighboring impacted areas and learn a bit about the social pressures affecting tropical regions.  You finish the day swimming, snorkeling, or just enjoying the sunset.

Day 4:  You have another opportunity for a wildlife observation walk at dawn.  The boat arrives early to take you back to Sierpe for your return to San José or to continue your trip elsewhere.  You take with you enviable experiences, and best wishes from all of us.  See you again next year!

Note: Campanario reserves the right to adjust or cancel portions of any itinerary due to bad
weather or dangerous sea conditions.


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